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Carefully consider the various options available. Vehicle rental is a highly competitive industry, but with the right planning and forward-thinking you can greatly minimise your risk. The old mantra

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The comparison comes up regarding consolidation and its ability to improve pricing — but it’s not apples to apples. As both the airlines and car rental companies have consolidated

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“As intelligent transportation systems, shared and connected vehicles, and changing public policies converge on the path to autonomous vehicles, Fleet Forward will be the nexus between traditional fleet stakeholders and the smart mobility revolution,” says Chris Brown, conference chair.


Car rental software, Is a program where you can manage the operations of your car rental company. With a car rental software you can manage: Fleet, Rental Agreements, Reports, Customers, Planner, Agents, Traffic Fines and much more. The goal of the car rental software is to automate your daily operations, to most importantly get rid of a lot of paper work and prevent errors due to lost papers etc.

The advantages include: Boosting your effectiveness and efficiency, Getting rid of paperwork, prevent errors due to lost papers, lost time and you can easily become confused about, for example: when a car is due in or out, confusion and problems with invoices, especially if you have lost paperwork.

Reservation systems on your website and Payment processing in the software.

Fleet Management , Rental Agreements, Reports, Customers, Planner, Agents and much more.

Take these points into consideration when evaluating a software.  Make sure the software is easy to use.  Evaluate if the Car Rental Software fits your budget.  Research if there are any additional fees before purchasing. (Common charges are:charge for amount of vehicles, charge per location, charge per transaction, monthly subscription fee and/or yearly subscription fee.  Evaluate what you get for the amount you pay.  Find out if they have a Demo or Free trial.  Find out what the Car Rental Software Support includes, and how much it costs.  Do research on the security of the software.  Find out about all the features of the software, and if you need all of them.

You can ask for a brochure or information sheet, or you can ask questions about security, features, pricing remember about additional fee’s), Term, how to expand further down the road.

Ask if the car rental software company does customization of agreements, send it to them and ask how much it is going to cost beforehand.

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