A Cloud Car Rental Software, is a program where you can manage the operations of your car rental company from anywhere with your preferred browser.

With the right ERP car rental system you can manage: Rental fleet availability in real time through a complete dash board, reservations, rental agreements, multiple reports, customers, graphical planner, rental agents, traffic fines, split billing, multiple rental rates,  receivables, automated alerts and much more. The goal of the car rental software is to automate your daily operations, to most importantly paper free system and get rid of a lot of paper work and prevent errors.

The advantages include: Boosting your effectiveness and efficiency, Getting rid of paperwork, prevent errors due to lost papers, lost time and you can easily become confused about, for example: when a car is due in or out, confusion and problems with invoices, especially with split billing, multiple rates per type of vehicles, rental fleet status in real time.

Online reservation system integrated with your website, credit card payment processing  through mobile responsive application including mobile check in check out vehicle inspection status. Unlimited training and support. Easy to operate.

Now there are a lot of issues besetting car rental companies, problems that can only be resolved by car rental software, most of which possess the attributes of fleet management platforms. Many feel that these tools can help such organizations in their everyday operations. So what constitute these problems? The following are problem scenarios and what car rental software can do about them. What things should one look for in a car rental system? The following is a guide on what features such a platform must possess:

  1. Booking Made Easy. Problems commonly associated with conventional systems affect car rental firms and their customers alike. Bookings are usually made over the counter, requiring clients to go to the company’s premises and book a ride. With car rental solutions, customers themselves can make bookings directly from the company website, making the process much easier. This results in richer customer experience and therefore repeat business. Also, proper routing ensures that every booking is responded to efficiently, taking into consideration both scheduled and customer timings. Consecutive bookings need to be managed in such a way that hassle-free travel is attained with little or no downtime at all.
  2. Car Rental Tracking. One of the biggest problems besetting the car rental sector is vehicle theft. Car rental software has the ability to track lost cars, allowing companies to monitor both incoming and outgoing units. Aside from this, users can also see if a vehicle is in use despite the fact that it is not booked. Another benefit is their ability to detect speeding, which is one of the leading causes of vehicular accidents. Users are alerted to improper use of their cars, which can result in the collection of fees from the offending party.
  3. Inventory Management. For small car rental businesses, managing fleet inventory may not be as complex as those of growing companies. As car fleets grow, so do their inventories and this could result in mix-ups with regard to vehicle availability. This is highly applicable to companies who have multiple fleet locations. Imagine how a customer would react if the vehicle provided to him/her is not what was ordered? Inaccurate service results in disgruntled customers, which is never good for business.
  4. Driver Management. For customers who are renting a car, car rental software eliminates the trouble of late drivers. This is made possible through the use of GPS tracking, which locates drivers and helps customers track arrival time. It also works for drivers as they can likewise locate customers.
  5. Real-Time Reporting. Car rental firms need to know where their vehicles are at any given time. Popular car rental solutions have the ability to provide users with real-time reports, which also include bill covers and details, duty registers, vendor details, and chauffeur reports. For taxi companies, areas with high demands at specific times can also be highlighted in such reports.
  6. Driver-Passenger Communication. In the car rental business, communication between driver and passenger is critical. Lack of communication can result in passengers having to wait for their rented cars. Communication facilitates order confirmation and timely arrivals of vehicles. With car rental software, communication begins the minute a booking is made, with drivers and passengers all playing their parts.
  7. Revenue Management. Managing the income of car rental companies that operate hundreds of units can give executives undue headaches. These earnings have to be effectively managed so that accounts can be accurately balanced. It’s a good thing that car rental solutions are capable of managing all transactions, recording them in such a manner that they can be easily accessed. Transactions can likewise be tracked remotely for user convenience.
  8. e-Wallets and Security. The popularity of e-wallets as a payment method continues to grow. Most customers prefer to pay using e-wallets because they are efficient and easy to use. However, car rental companies must be certain that their solution provides ample security. E-wallets have been known to be vulnerable to attacks, resulting in customer losses.
  9. Intuitive Interface. It doesn’t matter how powerful a piece of car rental software is, if it is difficult to use. Navigating a platform must be easy enough to prevent user confusion. Some of the most popular apps in the market are known for ease-of-use both for car rental companies and customers alike. A system should be able to accomplish booking, billing, and communication with just a few taps.
  10. Mobile Optimization. At a glance, this may not seem as important to car rental firms as other features. However, for customers, this is a top concern. Mobile applications are known to speed up the learning curve especially for customers, allowing them to learn the app on their own. In addition, mobile optimization allows users to access a solution from anywhere at any given time.
  11. Fleet Management
    Car rental firms can encounter difficulties when managing their fleets. Manual processes often find such companies struggling with costs, organizational disarray and unsatisfied customers. For car rental companies, fleet management does not end with making sure that their vehicles are running smoothly and have ample gas. And this is one area where car rental software can help. These tools automate fleet management and optimize the use of resources that include vehicles, maintenance, and fuel.
  12. Paperless Transactions. Any business has to contend with clutter from manual transactions and filing systems. Car rental software can help companies become “paperless” as these tools support electronic billing, invoicing and even storage. This is especially helpful in preventing automobile damage disputes as many such systems enable users to take pictures or videos of their vehicles before renting them out. This is meant to show customers the condition that their car was in before it leaves their lot.
  13. Location Mapping. As one of the most critical areas in operating a car rental company, location mapping, most often than not, comes with any car rental platform. Location map accuracy is tantamount for better communication between drivers and clients. You have to make sure that your car rental platform has the right geo codes, postcodes and addresses integrated into its maps.

Take these points into consideration when evaluating a software.

 Make sure the software is easy to use.

 Evaluate if the Car Rental Software fits your budget.

 Research if there are any additional fees before purchasing. (Common charges are:charge for amount of vehicles, charge per location, charge per transaction, monthly subscription fee and/or yearly subscription fee.

 Evaluate what you get for the amount you pay.

 Find out if they have a Demo or Free trial.

 Find out what the Car Rental Software Support includes, and how much it costs.

 Do research on the security of the software.

 Find out about all the features of the software, and if you need all of them.

You can ask for online brochure with complete software information, or you can ask questions about security, features, pricing remember about additional fee’s), Term, how to expand further down the road. A personalized online presentation  with a free trial is the most important step to be able to select the right car rental software.

Ask if the car rental software company does customization of agreements, send it to them and ask how much it is going to cost beforehand.

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